Friday, July 08, 2005

The Shelf with No Home

Sounds like the title to a bad song about a horse in the desert that you can't get out your head but you still know all the words!
Anyway, I bought a pristine white 3 shelf storage organizer (18" high _5"wide). Bargain of the month _under $6.00.
Of course I had no particular place in mind but was sure I'd put it to immediate use.
Um, I haven't ...yet. I'm no perfectionist, mind you, but I am a color match freak. Hubby can't stand stuff on the back of the commode, so that's out!
The shelf is put together and I have plenty of stuff to put on it but it doesn't hang so I have to find a surface where nothing else is and it HAS to match! I am determined that my bargain WILL pay off.
Now that I've told you, I'll use my guilt as a motivator to git 'er done!

Off The Table- Six feet Away

I let my spouse know about not dumping on the kitchen table but onto the new table six feet away. I was met with a look like " you want what? ",a sigh, then finally a resigned okay.
After all it's not to Siberia and a valid request.
So far other than a verbal response- it's still drop 'em & dump 'em _on the wrong table!
They say it takes 30 days to form a habit. Check back and I'll let you know if the yes was really a yes!