Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Inner Nag is my friend

I’m suffering from sorting burn out. Too much sorting makes Jane a burnt out girl.
Yesterday was almost a sort free day.
Yes, I still hated the sorting mess but the inner nag was put to rest for a day. Now if the Inner Nag had gone into a coma, I would have been worried but since she was having a vacation I didn't feel so bad.
Actually most times my Inner Nag is my friend. She can sometimes be my only source of motivation beyond pure shame.
She whispers sweet nothings about the organized clutter free life. She is the voice of reason
when I think I should be sentimental for someone else's benefit.

She enjoyed a nice mimosa while on one day hiatus. My day was rather boring.
She's much more glamorous than me. Her streamlined life inspires me. ...Sigh...
Back to the grind.

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better

Sorting isn't one of my favorite things.
Sure I like the eventual outcome -less stuff.
But for someone heading toward their silver anniversary I’ve accumulated a lot before I even started to get organized.
I had a sentimental mother (not a bad thing) now I seem to be sorting through her saved items from my childhood-baby shoes,doll clothes,toys,books,etc. Since we are downsizing these things that I ignored in the basement,they can no longer be ignored for someday. So have 2 generations of stuff to sort through. A burden indeed.

So my living room is covered with bits of paper & notebooks (some love notes from my dh that I wont be tossing). Not sure how that got lumped in with other things but it was a source of joy in the mist of alot of stress. I'm glad I kept them. I really needed a boost of reassurance when I came across them. No regret there - they don't take up much space (thank God).
Most of the doll clothes will go to Salvation Army. Most in the trash. Seems I had love for trying to redesign things by cutting arm or leg holes (not sure which) into perfectly fine clothes.

So my house right now looks like some bizarre clearing house for gray plastic tubs,old notebooks & doll clothes. Weird for someone who doesnt have kids at home.
If it looks like that next month - I’ll be in trouble! Its another case of "it wont last forever-its only temporary"syndrome. But for now its driving me nuts!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Too Busy for Your Kids?

This poem so touched me about over commitment and being too busy. The author is unknown.


My hands were busy through the day
I didn’t have much time play
The little games you asked me to
I didn’t have much time for you

I’d wash your clothes and sew and cook
But when you’d bring your picture book
And ask me please to share your fun
I’d say, “A little later son.”

I’d tuck you in all safe at night
And hear your prayers… turn out the light
Then tiptoe softly to the door,
I wish I’d stayed a minute more

For life is short, the years rush past
A little boy grows up so fast
No longer is he at your side,
his precious secrets to confide.

The picture books are put away
There are no longer games to play
No good night kiss, no prayers to hear,
that all belongs to yesteryear.

My hands once busy are now still
The long days are hard to fill
I wish I could go back and doThe little things you asked me to do.

Friday, August 31, 2007

I then spend two hours trying to find something I can get at to get rid of

I was determined to throw or give away at least one thing away yesterday. I have that look in my eye like “nothings sacred” look out! I then spend two hours trying to find something I can get at to get rid of. The two hours was not all at one time but I did keep track because the length of time was driving me nuts.
I finally gave a way some curtain clip rings that I was never in love with (they came from a “too cheap to pass up” sale). I did use them before we moved so it wasn't like I never used them.

Granted this is not a quick process right now- my left hand is burning like fire so that makes things grievous to do. Other things have been taking precedent, like shredding old bank statements from 2002 ( which I do regularly now). With online banking these days you don't even need to get mailed a statement. I can’t think of a bank that doesn't have it.

Cottage Living
The week before I quickly rifled thru my old issues of Cottage Living & found I could part with ONE issue *sigh*. I like that magazine for its way of dealing with smaller spaces. Not everyone has a home here they can have ten foot couch. I actually liked the ideas even when I lived in large home. We found an idea in CL to redo a bathroom in white bead board- very cottagey and super easy to install. It was a success.

I don't keep all my old magazines for “someday” but I do keep some. It actually keeps me from running out & buying more. I love magazines. I think they suite my attention span for reading. I use them as visual idea fodder as well.

I love decorating but found its not of much use if things are so cluttered the first thing eyes go to is the clutter NOT the Monet print.

I say all this to say "DONT GIVE UP"! Your small achievement today can lead to a bigger one tommorow. You may think you didn't do much but something is better than nothing. Right?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We’ve been moving -please sympathize

I realize my blog is lagging behind but we’ve been moving so
any of you who’ve done that lately can sympathize.

In moving I learned the obvious
1) I have too much stuff
2) I’m more sentimental than I used to be. Must be that getting older stuff.
3) I’m horribly addicted to new curtains
4) Moving can cause an inordinate amount of spouse bickering.
5) You will live through it all
6) No one loves your home as much as you do.

Any prayers for home sales appreciated. Thanks

Preparing a Hurricane Evacuation Plan

Evacuation plans should be set in motion once a Hurricane Watch is issued because there is only a window of 24-36 hours before the storm hits. Start preparing a hurricane evacuation plan with a safe destination either inland or completely out of the anticipated hurricane strike zone and map out an evacuation route with awareness of flood zones. Be sure to check your car and fill the tank with gas. You should also begin securing your residence. If you have hurricane accordion shutters, roll down shutters or removable storm panel system, they should be securely locked in the closed position. If you do not have approved hurricane protection devices, securely nail in place three-quarter inch plywood over all accessible window and door openings. On the roof, all turbine ventilators should be removed and securely capped. All solar hot water panels should be securely shrink-wrapped.

If a Hurricane Warning is issued, you have 24 hours or less to prepare. Gather all the personal essentials including clothing, medications, cash/credit cards/checks, extra food, water, important documents, phone numbers, insurance papers and first aid kits and pack your car. Also have an evacuation alternative in mind, such as a local Red Cross Shelter. Be aware that pets are not allowed in shelters and that they are not likely to accommodate specific medical needs or provide food. In regards to protecting a residential home or condominium, all outside furniture and loose objects by the pool, on the deck or balcony and in the yard should be taken inside. All fragile objects and valuable possessions should be moved away from the windows and sliding doors. South Floridians with screen pool enclosures and/or screen patios and balconies should cut the screens at the bottom of each section to relieve pressure off the building structure in the event of winds measured at 90 miles per hour and over.

In the event that an evacuation is issued, get out fast and take these last protective measures for your residential home or condominium to avoid massive hurricane damage and remodeling. Double check that all faucets, stove and oven fixtures are in the closed position. Folded towels should be placed at the bottom of doors, windows and in the interior tracks of sliding doors to minimize or eliminate water intrusion. Prior to leaving your residence, unplug electronic devices to avoid possible power surges that may damage home electronics and appliances or cause fire.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Preparing for summer with Paige Hemmis of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

Begin with a complete walk-through of the inside of the home. Winter's damaging effects are not limited to the outside. Next, follow these steps to prevent future damage:

"1. Organize. Store all cold weather items - not thrown in the garage or a closet - take this time to install shelves and organize.
2. Check all smoke detectors. Put a new battery in each detector, even if it appears to be working fine. The small investment in a new 9-volt battery is a small price to pay for safety. Replace them every six months - an easy way to remember is to change them once for summer and once for winter.
3. Check to make sure fire extinguishers are in good condition. Keep them in easy-to-grab places, but out-of-reach from children.
4. Check your clothes dryer. Clean the exit vents and clean behind them. This is a common place for fires to start.
5. Check your washing machine hoses for cracks or bubbles. This is the most common cause of flooding in the home.
6. Take a look at all outlets, appliances, cords, etc. for damage and replace if necessary.
7. Check all Air Conditioning vents & screens in the house. These will soon have a lot of air blowing through them and this small step will prevent dust and debris from blowing around the house. "

Paige Hemmis, The Tuff Chix Guide to Easy Home Improvement

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Second Greatest Yard Sale

I say second because its only the second yard sale Ive had. And we didn't even

I'm not one for yard sales as a customer or one who performs them. I rarely take the time to go to one unless it just houses away. I don't need more stuff. I have found a few doors for my house which was my best find ever. But I'm just not tempted in that way. I need to be carting stuff out & not tempted to pack more in.
But we did well in the yard sale.

Here's a few tips that helped us out.
1-We set stuff out on a Friday with neon paper signs on both ends of our fence and in our kitchen window with the dates.

2-We used masking tape the day before & wrote out what we wanted to sell
on the tape and place on our leather day timer. We priced the next day. It gives time for realty to set in that something you think is great the next person may see as ordinary. Also there are folks that aren't honest who will try to switch tags but with description they cant do that!

3- We posted a no liability for accidents -shop at your own risk sign. If someone gets hurt lifting and item or sprains their ankle on or property they will think twice before trying to sue us. Sadly my aunt had this happen to her. She claimed she was injured at their garage sale. A lady saw all the nice items my aunt had for sale -the size of their property & claimed injury to try & sue them for money. Nowadays you cant be too careful.

All in all I'm glad we took the time it was lucrative but only because my DH had 2 valuable guitars that real "pickers " knew the value of. They were high ticket items
that helped alot.
As for chotchkes I didn't have much in that vein - only a few mirrors & picures. If it were only that type of thing it would have been hauled to Salvation Army. I cant suck up 12 hours of my time for dust catchers.

As it was we hauled off quite a few things to SA. A shredder & a folding table for example- things I thought would sell for sure!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Real Mothers Day Advice on Fraud

Your Mom may not want this advice but the government seems to think she might. Its good info but it might be better served on April Fools.

Mom has given out lots of good advice over the years. Return the favor on Mother’s Day, and send her a musical e-card with tips from the Federal Trade Commission on keeping personal information secure. The free card, available in English and Spanish at

Safeguard your Social Security number.
Keep your card in a safe place at home— not in your wallet or purse.

Read your bills and bank statements.
Keep your eye out for charges you didn't authorize.

Exercise doubt, and check it out.
If you have any doubts about a caller or e-mailer, find the company's phone number and call its fraud or security department.

Report fraud.
If you've experienced fraud or identity theft, report it to The Federal Trade Commission works to prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices in the marketplace, and to help consumers spot, stop and avoid them.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Is Your Office Due for Spring Cleaning?

Is your staff commenting about rude, abrupt clients and feeling in the dark about the policies and proce-dures ruling the office? If so, now is the time to sweep old habits out the door and lay the foundation for a great summer for both clients and staff members.

1)Make sure that everyone has a“Who Does What, Here” list, as well as a current phone list with everyone’s extensions. This helps staff members to direct clients to the right person the first time.

2)Don’t let yourstaff get frustrated by equipment. Have frequent technical skills reviewsessions and make sure everyone knowshow to use the time savers built into equip-ment, such as speed dial features on thephone, and collate and staple capabili-ties of the copy machine.

3)Start a “bright ideas” program for the suggestion box. Follow the 24/72rule: every employee suggestion or complaint is followed up by a supervisor within 24 hours, and an answer concerning its disposition is received by the employee within 72 hours. You might want to implement a prize catalog for winning suggestions, which might be as simple as movie tickets, gift cards, etc. This could work for the client suggestion box,as well.

I hope these tips will assist you in your efforts to make the best of your medical practice. They are all tried and true suggestions. Pick and choose the ones that will assist you in your “Spring Cleaning.” Practice Management Institute is headquar-tered in San Antonio, TX. For more informa-tion, please contact Lynn Ballard at 800/259-5562.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tax Tribulation-when will they ever simply the Tax code?

Hi folks I've been sick for some time . But now I'm checking in inbetween my last minute tax frenzy. I'm good at saving receipts but the stupid catagories seem irrelevant to me. Why cant I just say I spent $4000 on medical???

when will they ever simply the Tax code?
I do use Turbo Tax -that helps quite abit.