Monday, July 31, 2006


Look anywhere in my house in you'll discover that I love to read. This great love leads to a great amount of torture to my wanting to be organized soul.

I don't have problems paying bills or finding what I'm looking for most of the time. It just the incessant piles that drive me nuts. I know what some would say- why don't you give up your newspapers & periodicals & just watch TV for your news and info?
Because they often aren't covering what interests me in any sort of depth. Besides that you cant take thTVTv into the bathroom. I'm trying not to excuse my behavior but most days I'm in pain so the piles are passed over.

My darling DH found a new file cabinet for my at a yard sale, cleaned & sprayed it a color I wanted.

I love it. My office/laundry looks so much better. But there are still piles. The junk drawer had to be moved when the file cabinet came in so I'm still working on that one... I'm looking at my book shelves now with that "nothings sacred" look.
I get alot done when that sets in my mind.Some one will benefit from me cleaning my bookshelves & that always perks me up. Besides having
more room on the shelves.