Wednesday, September 20, 2006

eBay: No Longer In the Dark

I do eBay in my pj's at night. I get asked how hard was Ebay to get started on. To tell the truth it wasn't bad. I barely remember it .I mean that I don't remember it being difficult. I became a buyer first before I was a seller. That helped me get used to how things worked. I did that for about three months.

I was glad when I became a seller that I had rudimentary html skills so I could avoid further add on charges to my final sale. I could make my own templates but you can choose from their vast template list to make your page look inviting.
But I read up on it so I wasn't totally in the dark before I began. I didn't take me long before I realized I needed a store to cut down on all the fees that can be added on to a final sale.

My simple advise is :
1- Be a buyer first
2- Read before you sell.

Learn more here eBay

Saturday, September 02, 2006

10 books,3 pair of socks, 2 videos & the Infamous Table of Doom

10 books
3 pair of socks &
2 videos
One dining room table. It was too big for our needs. It was the infamous table that just collected everything that didn't have a home and some times stuff that did have a home! grrr!

Thats what I got rid of this week.

It so hard for me to clean out my books because
1) most are reference like items
2) I don't buy books I don't like & don’t plan on reading.

I’m a book addict & at least 50% are books I have yet to read.
I get lot of these books as part of my salary so I'm not “book poor”.

Some of my weird purge methods are :
1) would I read this if I didn't have anything else to do?
2) will it bore me?
3) do I have something already like it?

yeah, I feel good about the small book purge but my desk is the real disaster.

I need to spend some quality time with my shredder.
My desk always seems to be the “tomorrow” project.
Uh, I hope tommorow will be the day.