Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And the Good News Is....

We took our old brown stove to Salvation Army~YAY! nothing wrong
for the house on sale-it's just ugly. Unfortunately, ugly doesn't sell -go figure.
I sold a piece of jewelry on ebay.
2 things gone and about 40+ or more counting to make me happy.

Prayers for house sale acccepted.
Need money for medical bills.

That's Crabby Appleton to You Matey!

Yep, that's me. I've got that "Nothings sacred" attitude & look out! No soul or in animate object will be spared! Everything has got to be pared down - & it was supposed to happen yesterday - you got that?

I'm in the mood to dump my old furniure in my house for sale just to try & get rid of it!~ Not that I have a ton of it but I'm sure that won't work for either party- so I guess that's out... rats.
I'm feeling overloaded & crowded.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with my PMS.

Ugh, Argh and Oh Well

Ugh is for yuck! the table I now use to place the junk that inevitably falls on the kitchen table is an eye sore. Mostly for me since its in my PC room. So far its working well for me . BUT as for the hubby-no way. Seems he can't be bothered.

Argh- I am so grumpy about all this mess & I'm becoming verrrrrry vocal. We are trying to sell a house which is so much stress we are about to rip each others hair out over all the stuff we "think" needs to be done. I'm handicapped so I can't scrub anything for the pain. So I can't manage 2 messes, 1 here & 1 over there. It's hard to want something immaculate & have no power to get it done. SO I am a crab!

Oh well- Sort fits into my "No one will die" category. The famous shelf with no home still doesn't have one. No one will die if they buy a home with mismatched light covers & a dusty ceiling fan. Nor will I, from having no home for shelf I bought almost a month ago. I 'd rather keep my marriage in tact than to keep up the frantic hysterics that have been going on here about cleaning & fixing.