Saturday, January 21, 2006

Again with the Table - oy!

Well, the new console is helping with some of the small stuff being dumped on the table. Right now my craft stuff is all over it since I have no place in this five bedroom house to craft! My business desk you cannot see the top of.We figured out my huge pc takes up most of the space. Our bedroom is small, no room there. Laundry room & guest bedroom are loaded with furniture for the now torn up living room. Bedroom five is gutted. Bedroom 4 turned into a music room(not negotiable unless I want to start WW3). Bedroom 3 is dh's office. Seems the dh has more rooms than me-now I'm getting mad... and to think it started with junk on the table!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Give junk one inch & it will take a mile!

Of course one of my constant resolutions is to dejunk- my desk is driving me crazy. My husband mentioned the fact that he thinks my desk is too small. Hmmm ,never thought of that before! I think this is one time I agree with him. We don't often agree about space for storage. It's often a sore spot. He thinks it should be all about function -I want function AND beauty!

I think that if you give junk one inch it will take a mile! I think this week will be shred fest! I've already killed 2 shredders-so believe me I'm a serious believer in shredding!