Saturday, September 24, 2005

Be It Ever So Humble...

From the sadness of Israeli giving away its inhabitants homes away to the warring faction to the awful tragedy of Katrina, I am looking at my humble messy home with much more thankfulness these days.
I also am wondering if our insurance coverage is what it should be. I think I know where those papers are. I'll let you know if I found them!

Please, I urge you to clean through your extra towels, sheets, curtains and furniture and give them to Katrina victims. We have and feel better already! Because we can help and because our is much tidier! Many places already have alot of clothing but not household items. So please
consider such things as board games, food containers and what ever you will spare thats an extra.
Ask Salvation Army and others if they will pick your items up. Our local SA will if it includes furniture.1-800-SAL-ARMY

Some places you can consider giving are:

I think the "Shelf with no home" will be going to someone who has no shelf. It will be much more loved in its new home. Suddenly that impulse purchase isn't making me feel so guilty!