Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Inner Nag is my friend

I’m suffering from sorting burn out. Too much sorting makes Jane a burnt out girl.
Yesterday was almost a sort free day.
Yes, I still hated the sorting mess but the inner nag was put to rest for a day. Now if the Inner Nag had gone into a coma, I would have been worried but since she was having a vacation I didn't feel so bad.
Actually most times my Inner Nag is my friend. She can sometimes be my only source of motivation beyond pure shame.
She whispers sweet nothings about the organized clutter free life. She is the voice of reason
when I think I should be sentimental for someone else's benefit.

She enjoyed a nice mimosa while on one day hiatus. My day was rather boring.
She's much more glamorous than me. Her streamlined life inspires me. ...Sigh...
Back to the grind.

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better

Sorting isn't one of my favorite things.
Sure I like the eventual outcome -less stuff.
But for someone heading toward their silver anniversary I’ve accumulated a lot before I even started to get organized.
I had a sentimental mother (not a bad thing) now I seem to be sorting through her saved items from my childhood-baby shoes,doll clothes,toys,books,etc. Since we are downsizing these things that I ignored in the basement,they can no longer be ignored for someday. So have 2 generations of stuff to sort through. A burden indeed.

So my living room is covered with bits of paper & notebooks (some love notes from my dh that I wont be tossing). Not sure how that got lumped in with other things but it was a source of joy in the mist of alot of stress. I'm glad I kept them. I really needed a boost of reassurance when I came across them. No regret there - they don't take up much space (thank God).
Most of the doll clothes will go to Salvation Army. Most in the trash. Seems I had love for trying to redesign things by cutting arm or leg holes (not sure which) into perfectly fine clothes.

So my house right now looks like some bizarre clearing house for gray plastic tubs,old notebooks & doll clothes. Weird for someone who doesnt have kids at home.
If it looks like that next month - I’ll be in trouble! Its another case of "it wont last forever-its only temporary"syndrome. But for now its driving me nuts!