Thursday, January 17, 2008

May you love only what can serve you simply.

It has come to my attention that I can further my "organized" education by learning more about space planning for garages. Now the topic excites me but the study... not so much. I haven't mastered my own desk enough to feel ike I have time to learn the fine art of sorting thru the outer limits. Mind you, if we pre-sorted and streamlined alot tof things "pre-garage" they would never end up there in the first place.

That is my mind set now. We havent had a garage for a couple years now so alot of "Garage type thingys" ended up in the basement.

Right now I am looking at 3 separate sewing containers near my desk. Why you ask?
Uh, I'm asking myself why!!! At one point I had a bigger home where I kept a small sewing container in the bedrooms- sort of a point of use dealio. But many bedrooms no longer exist so its time to consolidate. I have weakness for nice containers so that makes it harder.

But I am undaunted in the consolidation desire. My love of neat containers is now sort of a bain
now that I have less space.

The good news is that someone will find my old containers of much use in their own home
after I give them away. So to whoever gets my shaker basket "God Bless You".
May you love only what can serve you simply.